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Set new standards in cell cultivation with SARSTEDT! Our innovative product line, consisting of flasks, dishes, plates and an array of special culturing vessels, offers growth surfaces for all in vitro conditions and is customised to meet the needs of most cell types. Our precise manufacturing and highest quality standards pave the way for excellent science. Thanks to the SARSTEDT colour code, you can find the right growth surface at a glance. 

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SARSTEDT growth surfaces

Practical colour codes for quick identification

HEK293 cells on SARSTEDT standard surface


colour code: red
cell type: adherent cells
Hydrophilic groups are introduced to the surface via the special treatment of the polystyrene surface. This enables the binding of cell surface proteins and thus allows the cells to adhere to the plastic surface. The hydrophilic standard growth surface, which is coded red, therefore provides an optimum culture substrate for many adherent cells.
CHO cells under serum-reduced conditions (1%) on SARSTEDT cell+ surface


(hydrophilic with additional polar groups)
colour code: yellow
cell type: challenging adherent cells
Primary cells, sensitive cell culture lines and cells which are cultivated under serum-reduced/serum-free conditions place particularly high demands on the surface of the cell culture vessels. The yellow-coded Cell+ growth surface has been developed specifically for such cells. Additional polar groups are introduced to the hydrophilic surface via the special treatment of the plastic surface. This leads to improved imitation of the in vivo environment and therefore to the adhesion of difficult cells. Due to its properties, the Cell+ surface can make the use of coated culture vessels redundant in many cases.
Jurkat cells on SARSTEDT suspension surface


colour code: green
cell type: suspension cells
Culture vessels with the green, hydrophobic growth surface are ideal for suspension cells (usually cells of lymphoid origin, hybridoma cells, etc.) that are not adherently cultivated in solution. The hydrophobic surface minimises cell losses caused by unwanted microadhesion during sub-cultivation.

cell library

You can optimise the growth of your cell cultures by choosing the right growth surface. To facilitate the best choice of a growth surface, our "cell library" brochure contains an overview and literature references on which cells can be cultivate on which growth surface.

Our basics for ideal cell growth


  • Perfect accessibility of the whole growth surface with cell scrapers and pipettes
  • Large labelling fields to facilitate probe identification
  • Engraved and printed scaling
  • Raised skirt for safe stacking
  • Bevelled neck and anti-drip technology for minimised contamination risk
  • Quick- closure cap - available as filter and 2-position screw cap versions - allows opening and closing in 1/3 rotation


  • Alphanumeric well labeling for faciliated orientation
  • Free-standing wells for minimised contamination risk
  • Non-slip skirt for safe handling
  • Transparent base allows visual control of culturing medium
  • Condensation rings and ventilation cams ensure continuous gas exchange paired with minimised evaporation


  • SARSTEDT SUREGrip - Haptic feedback allows safe handling
  • Arrow on the lid and base allow consistent positioning
  • Ventilation cams allow continuous gas exchange
  • Raised skirt for safe stacking
  • Dishes in Ø 35 mm and Ø 60 mm with grid for cloning experiments

Perfectly pure

Laboratory staff with cell culture flask
TC tested

Since 1990, SARSTEDT has offered its customers high-quality cell culture products made under cleanroom conditions by trained personnel in protective clothing and using automated production processes.

In accordance with our basic principle that the products that come into contact with cell must not have a disruptive effect on the cells, these products are made under the strictest cleanroom conditions and are labelled with the "TC Tested" quality logo.

The following purity criteria are certified by an independent laboratory: 

  • Sterile
  • Pyrogen-free/endotoxin-free
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • DNA-free
  • DNase/RNase-free
Cell culture lab
„The plates are wonderful, speeding up my work inside the lab, improving adhesion in 90% of my cell culture. Easy to use, and affordable.“

Natália Fernanda Teixeira dos Santos
Instituto Butantan
„Reproducible results, very good adherence of sensitive cells.“

Ales Drobek
Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
„Great product, especially the cell plus line: We used the cell plus line of their tissue culture flasks for HEK 293 cells. The plastic is superb for these cells, they grow faster, can be easily transfected without loss of viability.“

Jaroslav Truksa
Czech Academy of Sciences
„The plates are excellent and reasonably priced: When I compared SARSTEDT‘s culture plates to those from other manufacturers, they were the best. These dishes are my favorite since the bottom plate is the ideal height for spreading culture. The top plates and bottom plates fit together perfectly. The surfaces of the plates are excellent for writing on using permanent pens without removing the writing.“

Saswata Majhi
Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology
„Highly reliable products for all cell culture applications.“
Andreas Horn
University of Regensburg

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